Speak free

The cost of not speaking is very high.

Naval Ravikant once tweeted, “If you don’t want to be liked, they can’t touch you.” There’s a deeper meaning to it.

Often, agreeable people cannot speak their hearts. They are conscious about what the other person might think about them. They do not want to be hated for the opinions they carry. They avoid conflict. They avoid expressing hard truths. They stay silent for most of the things. People label them as “Good.”

As a result, they cannot speak free. This is okay a few time but not a viable strategy in the long run.

If you want to speak freely, don’t worry about how others perceive you. That’s a superpower and comes handy at times.

If we keep silent and stop taking, people take it for granted. When we fight back when needed, people think of it as new dimension and gets freaked out. This usually happens in the family.