I am co-founder of Prasanta Communications and a full-stack developer. I write about my projects, thoughts and important updates here. You can also find me on other social platforms. If you are a developer, checkout my code snippets.

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Mon Jul 11 2022

The Peer Pressure.

The pressure for humans.

Sat May 28 2022

Missing months.

Summarizing the last 10 months.

Thu Jul 01 2021

Build vs break

Why we choose only one.

Mon Jun 28 2021

June 2021 - monthly update.

Work and beauty

Fri May 28 2021

May 2021 - monthly update.

Help19 and new possibilities.

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Latest Snippets

Tue Jun 01 2021

Implement 2FA with OTP in Laravel.

A simple approach to implement otp authentication in your Laravel app.

Wed Apr 21 2021

Deploy laravel to VPS from scratch

A step by step guide to deploying Laravel app to Vultr or Digital Ocean.

Fri Apr 16 2021

Publishing the first iOS app.

Work behind the scenes.

Thu Dec 03 2020

Fix cURL error 60 in WampServer

Steps to add self-signed certificate correctly in WampServer

Wed Oct 28 2020

Fixing 'unauthenticated error' while using Laravel Sanctum for SPA.

Take care of two configurations and you are done.

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