Hello! welcome to my website. I am co-founder of Prasanta Communications and a full-stack developer. I write about my projects, thoughts and important updates here. You can also find me on other social platforms.

If you are a developer, checkout my code snippets.

Latest Posts

Fri Apr 16 2021

Publishing the first iOS app.

Work behind the scenes.

Thu Apr 15 2021

Handle uncertainity

Cut the frames down.

Sun Apr 11 2021

One thing at a time

A better way to think and organise.

Sat Apr 10 2021

Books I read


Sun Mar 28 2021

First YouTube video for InsideRT

A new beginning.

Fri Mar 19 2021

Why you need to dump your brain

Sometimes you will reach the limits.

Fri Mar 05 2021

Small processes

To keep things go smooth.

Wed Mar 03 2021

Reject and get rejected.

You cannot avoid this process.

Sun Feb 28 2021

February 2021 - monthly update.

UI updates, biometric, queries and teaching.

Tue Feb 09 2021

Should we stop expecting?

People say that all the time. But is it the way?

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