Simple explanations for complex problems

How we wrap our head around the unknown

Us, humans like to simplify everything. That’s how we evolved. If we don’t understand something, we create a story around it to make it meaningful. We cannot survive for long psychologically if we don’t understand.

Imagine the cave man days and there’s a rain fall for almost a week, now what’s might be going inside the cave men head? They don’t know anything of rains. Why and how they are formed. They are stuck inside the caves for days without food.

The family or the tribe is starving and what can they do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But to understand the situation what can they do? Frame a story around it and talk about it. Someone might be angry at them. Nature is angry at them for their doings. And so they come up with rituals which might pacify the situation. They can extend these to next levels.

Even now we do it. Just observe your doings and thinking.