Fix flutterfire is not recognized on macos

Step-by-step guide to fix

If you are new to flutter development and working on mac to develop apps, you may run into flutterfire not recognised command while adding the Firebase CLI.

You need to follow these steps.

1.You need to install firebase-cli first. and check your firebase projects are displayed locally.

2.Install futterfire-cli For which you need nodejs installed on your system.

3.dart pub global activate flutterfire_cli activates the cli.

4.flutterfire configure configures the necessary firebase tools for your project.

At step 4, you may run into the command not recognized error. You need to export the pub-cache/bin to your path.

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/Devtools/Flutter/bin:$HOME/.pub-cache/bin"

After doing this, refresh the terminal by running

source $HOME/.zshrc

Check whether your paths have been updated

echo $PATH

#firebase cloud messaging