Fix AMSupportURLConnectionDelegate in your flutter app

A simple fix for your flutter app while building ios.

You will encounter this error while building for iOS. To begin with try these commands

flutter clean
flutter pub get
flutter run

If you still getting this error message, then it is not the actual error. Some dependencies are breaking the build. So continue reading the error message in debug console (VS Code.)

I encountered this error with Firebase Crashlytics. So, I removed it from dependencies, removed from runner and the code implementation.

I know it is sad, but there is no other way.

And then, you will get other errors. May be a version mismatch. Or a dependency is not null-safe. You fix those errors and they should be gone and you can run the app on iOS simulator or device.

For beginners: In case if you are wondering, the camera does not work on iOS simulator. You need an actual device to test.