Sat Aug 15 2020

I made a bad design decision.

I was wrong about the authentication feature for a new project.

Wed May 06 2020

New Project.

The start of the new project.

Thu Jan 23 2020

Automating the signup flow for Coder Bootcamp.

Overview of the email automation.

Wed Apr 29 2020

Evaluating options for mobile app.

How I chose React Native to build the mobile app.

Sun Jul 26 2020

How I built the IOTD app.

Short technical writing about IOTD internals.

Sat Aug 22 2020

Remembered the days when I started coding.

What I feel when I learn new technologies.

Thu Apr 30 2020

Building my blog again.

Redesigning it with Gridsome.

Sat Jun 27 2020

New programming language.

I started learning a new programming language.

Sat Jul 25 2020

Publishing the first android app.

The idea behind the first android app and why we want to build it.

Fri Apr 16 2021

Publishing the first iOS app.

Work behind the scenes.

Fri Sep 06 2019

Thoughts on my new blog.

The journey of my blogging and how I made this website including the stack.