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On July 18, 2020, we have published our first android app, IOTD - Image of the day, on Play Store. This post is about why we have done that.

As a part of the customer relationship strategy for MF7 (previously Craypolar) we used to send one image quotation about fitness and motivation every day to our clients so that they could send the image to their customers as a part of their customer relationship plan. We have been doing that for years until the pandemic.

In the lockdown, I have started working on the customer-facing mobile app for MF7. I have finished the basic version and one of the features of that app is the image quotation. I have named the function that renders the image as imageOfTheDay()

We are also working on a new project which has only mobile apps powered by an API. So, I am working on two projects that need mobile apps.

One day I thought, "Okay, we are building mobile apps. What is the procedure of publishing the apps?"

I have a few friends who develop apps and they could help me if I need them but I am writing the apps in Flutter which will have different deployment steps.

So, I thought, "What if I could build a small and usable app that can be published to Play Store so that I can learn the deployment procedure?"

That sounded good. Now, what should I build?

Then I remembered the "Image of the day" functionality from the MF7 app. I thought this will be a good small app I can make in a day or two.

I finished the app and published on Play Store. It's not available on App Store yet. Apple charges a recurring fee of 99$ to host the apps. Eventually, we will be publishing the app on the App store too but not yet.

Read how I built IOTD.

Download the app from Play Store.