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Inside Ravi Teja


To-let Boards

This was my first project. My coding journey has started to build this online classified for rental homes, rooms and commercial spaces. I started with vanilla PHP, MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap (now just Bootstrap.) I spent almost a year and a half building the site while learning both ends of the project. I chose PHP because of the vast community and resources, almost free shared hosting providers to deploy the website and easy to learn. Later I had to kill this project for many reasons.


A web-based customer relationship management for gyms and fitness centres based on SAAS model. This is my first project that has made some money. It is neither a failure nor a super hit but going enough. It taught me valuable lessons in terms of coding and business. My brother has joined on this journey and we started to do things together.

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Public Opinion

The idea of this project is not mine yet I got a chance to develop it. A place to participate in opinion polls, share ideas, connect with neighbourhoods and access the latest government data. The project is still in progress.

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A career platform. Development in progress.

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more to come...