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I talk less. But I think a lot. Given a situation, I will think about the causes for that situation, who are the actors, what made them play the way they played, what are the outputs, what might be the output if something happened differently, what influence does the situation have on the actors individually and as a whole, what would I do if I were one of the actors, what stance I might take, and the list goes on. If I am drawn to the situation, I keep doing these permutations and combinations and evaluate the best and worst outcomes.

But, recently I reached my thinking limits. It is easy to think about one or two things at a time. But it becomes hard if you are thinking about three things, disordered if you are thinking about four and havoc if you are thinking about more than four things/issues/situations at once. If all of them contain negative aspects, it takes a lot of mental resources.

You will reach a stage where you cannot manage thinking about all of them at once. The process becomes difficult and stressful and becomes the starting point for mental stress.

You think to find some answers or best possible actions or outcomes. Because our mind could not sort and prioritize, every issue appears very demanding. The prioritization becomes complicated and adds up to the existing stress.

It's like you are operating the signals in a heavy-traffic junction. You keep switching from issue to issue but you cannot find answers because the issue traffic keeps coming from all directions. You don't know what lane to prioritize. Along the way, you will feel unsatisfactory that you cannot handle the traffic.

I was in that situation. If you are there too, I suggest doing a brain dump.

Simply put, a brain dump is just letting everything inside your mind out without any filters. You could either write on a paper or share it with a person. I prefer sharing with a person.

I will write in the next post why I had to do it. But, only after dumping what's inside my head, I started feeling light. My stress levels came down. I could clear things one by one. I felt a lot better. That's like you re-routed the traffic to other persons so that you could breathe, take time, relax, see things clearly and think calmly.

This is why, sometimes, when needed, you need to dump your brain.

But, here is the catch. You need to have very quality people in your life to dump the darkest and deepest parts of your life. It's not necessary or compulsory. But, things will go upside down. And then we need to take some help, like re-routing the traffic. It's okay to take help. We share parts of our life with our family, friends, acquaintances and partner differently. Only a few know the majority of us. That is the reason why I always tell people to make quality and meaningful connections.

To close, do not take suffering more than necessary. Lean on to a person(s) when needed. It's not a weakness. It's a survival strategy. Strength comes when things are held together. Like a rope made of individual fibres. Invest your time in meaningful connections and relationships.

Although, I am sceptical about the following approach, still I want to take a chance. If you feel like you have no one to share with and you feel lonely and you are okay sharing with me; you can make a call or leave a message any time. I am all ears.

Why am I sceptical?