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No one had guided me about my career, possibilities and opportunities during my engneering. The career void made me curious to know more about coding and underlying technologies. Besides I did not want to just code, I want to do that with a purpose. So I started building a classifieds website for rental homes, commercial spaces and rooms without having any prior knowledge. I figured everything out one by one and step by step. Remember what Tony Stark said to Jarvis? "Sometimes you have to run before you can even walk." I made my first run.

Fast forward today I have set up my own technology company. A lot has happened in between and one thing that is bugging me for a long time the practical problem.

After a lot of observation and personal experience, I can see most of the students – even computer science graduates - cannot build a simple static website and deploy it to a server. And that is very alarming. The workforce coming out of college is not equipped with the necessary skills required by companies.

Newcomers are struggling to find answers for

  • How to start coding & where to start?
  • What tools to use and where to find them?
  • What resources to utilise?
  • What to create and how to develop?
  • What are the underlying concepts, ideas, and architectures?

Lack of exposure and weak foundations are creating a difficult time for students to crack technical interviews and getting a job. If that is managed somehow, building and maintaining applications are becoming a nightmare. And that is creating a huge industry gap.

I want Coder Bootcamp to fill this gap so that students can face the industry confidently, work in teams and use the best tools and resources to build quality applications.

I am planning for the first batch and waiting to see how this Bootcamp would turn out. Go to Coder Bootcamp.