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In a webinar conducted by CMR college of engineering on June 03, 2020, I talked about user interfaces, how they evolved, the need for rich interfaces, how to build one with modern frameworks like React JS and the mental models to understand the concepts better.

  • Download the PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Download the presentation in PDF format.


I have built a small project for the talk, find the source code on GitHub. The working demo is here.

Steps to set up the project on your system

  • Download and install NodeJs in your system.
  • Clone or download the project from GitHub.
  • From the command prompt, go to the project directory and run npm start
  • You can also follow the instruction steps in the GitHub repository.

Create New React Project

To create a new project, create-react-app is the best starting point. Refer to this link. I highly recommend reading the docs thoroughly.