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  • Keep things as simple as possible. Add complexity only when necessary.
  • It is okay to assume. But assumptions can go wrong. So test them as quickly as possible.
  • It's better to listen first and then act.
  • Say no when it's a no. Avoiding it creates more problems.
  • Do not hesitate to restart if you think it's necessary for good.
  • Your patience for something is a marker for your passion.
  • You will fail 98/100 times. You need to redefine what a failure is.
  • A failure most of the times is about iterating once again. Do not quit too early.
  • Losing or quitting is easier than staying for some more time. Think thoroughly.
  • Use small talk strategically. Please are always judging your opinions.
  • Meaningful conversations take time. Make time for them and prioritize them.
  • Figure out what you want.
  • If someone decides to go, do all that you can for them to stay while not compromising everything that you want from them. If they still decided to go, you should let them go.
  • Learn continuously.