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I have noticed people telling the best way to stay at peace is to stop expecting from people. It's true. If you stop expecting, you will not be upset no matter the result. I am wondering whether it could be done effectively. It definitely could be done to a degree. From a psychological standpoint, I think it's cannot be applied to every aspect of our lives.

We lay a path by expecting something. You expect to pass that examination; so, you make a plan to achieve it. You expect your business to flourish; you make a lot of plans to achieve it. You expect your relationships to be healthy; you make plans and adjustments to achieve it. You expect you to become the person you want; you make a plan and work towards it.

What if you stop expecting in every one of these? I think we become aimless. It's hard to settle and live without an aim. We need to aim at something and go towards it. If not, how can you decide what are you going to do with your life? Just sit and chill? A lot of people do that though.

It's not the best idea for most of us. We are not wealthy to just let watch things happen (wealthy people don't do that anyway but most people think they do.) nor super poor to settle for the reality. In any case, no matter the situation and reality are, we always need to aim and expect something to happen.

I know, with expectations, if not met cause a lot of emotional and sometimes physical stress and strain. But that's what life is about. That's what learning is. That's the road to becoming knowledgeable and wise.