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A week ago, I started building an app for MF7. I am using Flutter framework, which is based on Dart programming language. Both of them are new to me.

When I started programming, I used to Google a lot. I write some code, look for errors, copy and paste the error on google, scroll Stack Overflow answers and blog posts, fix the error and repeat. I used to do this process like mad and it would take more time than writing the actual code.

When I got used to the programming concepts and how things work, I only search when needed and I know where exactly to find, what to find and how to find. More coding than googling.

When working with Flutter and Dart, I worked like mad for almost a week to put different pieces together for the app. Failing and learning more often than writing the working code. Along the way, I remembered the days when I started coding. A nostalgic feeling.