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IOTD started as a function name for MF7 mobile app and now it has its own mobile app on Play Store. Along the way, I have discussed a lot with my brother about its potential and about monetizing the application. So far, the image content is all about motivating and inspiring people. At least, that's what we thought. To begin with, we decided not to monetize on motivating people.

After adequate research, we thought Good morning quotes/images would be the best shot we can give to pivot the application. But there is a catch here. In our initial research, it is not an interesting area for ages below 35. But still, we would like to go with it to quickly test the revenue flow and to deal with iOS and Play store commission fees and check whether we can work around them while having a better app experience.

After the initial tests, we are planning for more engaging content and more personalized features. I will share the details as we progress.