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We are thinking machines. In most cases, we think to act. What if we have to act on three or four different things at once? We think about all of them at once. That is not easy. If all of them are negative thoughts or not so positivity inducing thoughts, we feel stressed and anxious.

I was there. Then what did I do? I started following one rule and that is showing the results.

One task at a time. For thoughts, one thought at a time. Humans are not designed to multi-task and process parallelly. But we are good at one thing at a time. After starting this technique I feel very light.

Commonly, other thoughts pop up like notifications while we are thinking. Tell yourself that, I am not going to think about you right now and I will allocate a dedicated time. If you think you will forget about it, write it down or save it as a note on your phone.

I also use to-do apps to add professional and personal tasks. For important tasks, I keep a reminder so that I will be interrupted to either make time for the task or snooze. At times, I use pen and paper too.

Life is all about organising; sooner or later.