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I have been working on Craypolar client app since lockdown - one and half months in duration. I have finished all the functionalities I thought of doing for the first release. Super happy that I finished writing an app. There are more inspections and additions to make in the coming days. I have the app in React Native. The hardest part was writing the authentication flows. Like a guest user cannot access the dashboard screen and should not be in history when user click back button on the device. Luckily, there is a package to do it easily. But I should learn a lot of new concepts of React. Well, everything is good now. I think I can add React in my tech stack.

PHP 7.4.6 has been released today and I have updated my local PHP to the latest version. Thanks to WampServer; adding newer versions are so easy and I have been using this local server for almost 4 years now.

Crext is also shaping up. I have finished writing the tests and all of 134 tests are passing. I have updated all the PHP and JavaScript dependencies and everything is up to date. Also, I have formatted the files with php-cs-fixer package. In the coming days, I should focus on beta testing with real clients.

Coder Bootcamp has been inactive these days. I have ideas for it and should adjust my schedule to work on it this weekend.