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I keep a list of blog posts to write. I use Google Keep on my phone to quickly capture new ideas. There is another list on Evernote which I wrote before getting serious about this blog. At present, I am writing Google Keep list. Slowly, I will cover my Evernote list. I recommend you to capture new ideas very often and make it a habit. Become an idea-generating machine.

The first dirty draft

I don't prefer spell or grammar checks while writing. MS Word and Grammarly do that in real-time. So, I use Sublime Text or VS Code for distraction-free writing. Especially when writing the dirty first draft. I write whatever gets into my mind. I even don't care about spellings. If I feel the post is going to be a long one, I will divide the post into topics. Each topic will have a heading. I then fill the content below the headings. Lengthly posts need a logical sequence for clarity and for easier navigation to the reader.

Give some time

I get back to the writing after a day to see whether what I wrote is still valid for the context and scope. I do the first edits now.

Giving some time to the idea will ground the excitement and refines the writing.


When I am done editing, I will export the text to Grammarly for spell and grammar checks. I use word suggesting heavily and I like that feature very much. Once everything is solid, I will update the text in the code editor.

Push the changes

I will add the tags and date to the post and push to the remote. This blog is hosted on Netlify via GitHub. Whenever I push to master, webhooks take control and Netlify grabs the latest commit and builds the website again. Such an excellent service.

Read again

After publishing it, I will read it again on the website. If I found something can be improved, either I will rectify them and republish the changes from the code editor or I will directly edit on GitHub and pull the changes down. (I just did that for this post 😋)

The process is done and I will go to the next title.