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Covid19 second wave is devastatingly serious in India. The number of active cases increased and also the number of deaths. There is a serious shortage of Oxygen, ICU beds and necessary medical supplies. People started asking for help over WhatsApp and other social platforms. I then thought of starting a website where I can get the details and then post them so that people can find them easily. I finished the basic version in just a day and started adding information. I asked my circle about the information they have and they shared everything they got. I manually added them to the website. I shared the news on almost all of the social platforms. Even I shared the project with developer groups. But then, things did not go in the direction I anticipated. Only a few kept sending the information and only two developer friends contributed to the website. That was not bad. But that isn't what I expected too. Then I thought, maybe this is not the right approach. So I started building a web app where anyone can post the details about the help. Just select the city, add the details, select tags and it's done. If anyone looking for help, they can select the city and then filter the results based on tags. It took almost 3 days to finish and I deployed it. Now I just need to get more people to know about the website.

The web app is at https://help19.in


Bolty is a premium car wash service at the doorstep. My brother is taking care of the fieldwork and we decided to have mobile apps for a good customer experience and greater reach. As always I am using Laravel for the Backed and Flutter for mobile apps. I may finish the apps by the end of June.


Lockdown is a tremendous hurdle for MF7. As of this writing, second wave lockdown is in place in TS and AP. Gyms are ordered to remain closed until further notice. Without a flowing or rotational business, it is hard for Gym owners to survive. Without Gyms, MF7 will not survive. But this is a lesson. I have been thinking about these scenarios a lot and how I need to adapt to these changes.

Even we are considering a new business model. So far we are a SAAS product and now because of the changing times, we need to change how we do business too.


I have partnered with an accounting firm, Valioso Advisory Services. We provide all the technology infrastructure. This is the first partnership we made. I have built a web app and a mobile app that will be used to complement the accounting services.


My mental health is back to normal. Even though there are many stressful circumstances and results, I am now equipped with all the tools to understand and fight them to keep my sanity. I paused exercising for now. I want to get my sleep timings right first. I am sleeping enough but not right.