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New Coder Bootcamp

I built the Coder Bootcamp website to act as an anchor to my full-stack course but I decided not to pursue that idea anymore. The primary reason is that it takes time to build a reputation for the course and I need to allocate a decent amount of time every day sharing the information and making something valuable. The second reason is finding the people who need this course. Without enough traction, in the beginning, it will be really difficult to get batches coming one after the another. I can build the traction but that takes the time. I can use the same time for my other products. Since this teaching idea is only an experiment, my existing work will not allow this experiment because of the time factor. So, I thought, what could I do with that?

For a long time, I have thought of an aggregator of programming languages, services, libraries and frameworks. I like that idea because I can just check one page to know about it, find the important links to dig deep, follow people on twitter and watch the important talks. This aggregator would help beginners to get an overview of a resource. So, I started redesigning the site - may be the 6th time I guess - and added the topics section.

Each topic is a dedicated page with all the important sections. I started with Vue Js and Deno and I have plans add more topics.

The URL did not change, https://coderbootcamp.in


I am working on the app for almost two months now. It is now in good shape in terms of functionality and code. I refactored the codebase to remove the visual noise. Previously, I have done everything on a single file, app.js, which is the starting point for every React Native application. Every time I want to do something, I had to scroll the entire page and look for changes and that became a mess. I decided to clear it up and I am happy with the results. This is the first time I am working with JS imports and exports. Also, I am learning a lot of React.


I have made the changes I thought necessary from the last beta release. I also have improved the search functionality, renamed the app in the codebase to defaults, fixed the entire code base with php-cs-fixer. I now should think about how to take this application to the people.


I posted the reasons that are stopping me from being fit. I still did not do anything about it but surely do one day.