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Static Sites

This month I have updated the website for HHH, a non-profit organisation. I spent just a day to redesign and deploy. I could have made it better but due to time constraint, I had to make hard choices. In the process, I have used a new package bundler Parcel JS to compile SASS and setup local development server. I should thank Netlify for its awesome service. Deploying a static site has never been so easy and enjoyable.


I am making changes to Craypolar silently. I mean, I have made the features but did not tell my clients about them. I have bigger plans for Craypolar and so making the ground level changes one after the another. First of all, I have added the ability to add a page for each gym and changed how subscriptions are handled internally along with a few bug fixes. I have improved how SMS campaigns are handled in the UI part. This is where I use Vue JS extensively to build rich user interfaces. I thought that adding the ability to upload phone number via an excel sheet would be hard but I did that so easily with a package. One more reason to be thankful for the open-source.


I am testing PWA technology for Craypolar. I want to push the PWA to app stores. But I have noticed that the UI is not optimal even though the app is responsive and built with frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind. But making an app progressive is easy. We just need to register a service worker and tell the server worker to behave how it should work at different times.


I am testing all the features from the beginning. In the process, I am changing the way the site should work. It is really hard to make design decisions before making the site live. I think I can make the site ready by the end of April.

Corona Virus

This is the time the entire world has never thought of even in their wildest imaginations. People are practising social distancing and self-isolation to stop the spread of COVID-19. My heart goes out the families who lost their loved ones because of this pandemic. Stay home. Stay safe.