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Static Sites

I have cleared the clutter in HHH website. It was a visual mess previously and it is now in really better shape. I don't like fancy stuff like animations, parallax effect on websites. Particularly when the site is all about consuming the content. Though they have their influence and effect in some cases, most of the websites are designed for information consumption and it is always a better idea to not touch the fancy items because it eases the development process and the users don't need to adopt for sudden changes.

I have added tags to this blog. I just copy-pasted the code from Coder Bootcamp. Both of them are built with Gridsome and share the common functionalities. I have removed the topics section on Coder Bootcamp. I thought of adding all the items of a topic on one page but visually it is becoming difficult to navigate, share and collaborate. So, I have removed it and made it as separate blog posts. More things are to be added in the coming days.

Craypolar and the business in coming days

I have pushed all the changes to production including the mobile app API. I also have finished the mobile app with React Native. But I am now rewriting the app with Flutter. I don't know why I missed Flutter in the beginning. In my research, I found that apps made with Flutter are far more performant than other JavaScript-based cross-platform frameworks. Also, Flutter gives Material Design and icons out of the box. So, the app is visually optimal without writing extra styles and importing the icons. Infinite scrolls, dynamic data are not so easy to implement on React Native but very easy with Flutter. So, I made the switch.

Coming to the business, it is in dilemma right now. The fitness industry is facing a difficult time since the first lockdown. All gyms are closed till today and no one is sure when they will be reponed. Even if they are opened, no one knows whether people would utilise gym subscriptions like before. Craypolar is a B2B solution. But the target business is in a very tough situation which I think takes a lot of time to recover. The owner will re-evaluate what's necessary to sustain their business in the coming months. Their livelihoods are at stake, they have rents to pay - for both gym and home in the worst-case scenario, they have families to feed, they may have children who are school-going and the list goes on. With all these, on one hand, it would be tough to make a sale for Craypolar. I should also look for existing customers. A lot of people are in due already. Yet, I am running the server but turned off all automatic SMS activities as a part of cost optimization.

Not just us, there are many businesses and people who are displaced from livelihoods. I know a few of them and it was hard for me to empathize what they are going through. I wish they would be recovered very soon. Anyway, I and my brother will give a thought about the product and will come up with a solution that might keep this product afloat even after staying low for a few months.


I have not worked on this product this month but did a quick prototype that may help schools in these times. It turned out, many schools are okay with WhatsApp groups and now moving to products like Microsoft Teams. I could go out and take feedback from schools about my prototype but I need to constantly work to refine the product based on the feedback. I cannot do this because of time and my other work constraints. But I will use this prototype idea for Crext.

New Project

We are working on a new project and I will announce the details once the prototype is ready. I finished the authentication API and my friends are working on the rest. I will not go into many details now.


I started keeping my diet in check and exercising. But in the last two weeks, I could not keep up with the exercising schedule. But I am happy that I kept my diet in check. For the first time in 5 years, I could see my dimples with some details. So, this is a good sign. In the coming weeks, I need to fix my exercising schedule and also focus on my sleep times. Currently, it is mayhem.

Jordan Peterson

I started listening to his personality lectures form 2014. I finished two of them and I should say they are just incredible. I am starting to learn more about human psychology. A few days back, I finished watching the conversation between Jordan and Sam Harris. I am so happy that they did that conversation. For a long time, I have this dilemma of whether to abandon religious texts and be more rationalistic. But this conversation is awesome. I will write about this later.

Final thoughts

Half of the year is gone and it was tough. It still is tough. But with hope and faith, we shall face tomorrow.