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IOTD app

We have published our first app on the Play Store. IOTD - Image of the day. Read why we have built this and the technical internals I am really happy with the results.

Craypolar is now MF7

I have thought of rebranding Craypolar when I reach 80kgs of weight. But the domain is due for renewal on August 8. I decided that it's better to rebrand now instead of waiting until I reach the weight mark. We are building two apps for Craypolar and the name is so long to remember and hard to memorize. It's always good to have a short name so that it's easy to remember and easier to share with other people while conversing. We considered MH7 - mind and health, and MF7 - mind and fitness. The 7 is just there for a unique domain. Getting two-letter domains is hard and costly. After our internal discussion, we chose MF7 and I have changed a lot of files to change the name. I have uploaded all the changes and called all of our clients to share the new domain.

Visit the new domain https://mf7.in

Public Opinion

After a year-long waiting, I have published Public Opinion. as a technical preview. I have received good feedback on the feature and there are only two UI bugs. The site will be stable in August.


I made a few changes to the editor on Crext. I struggled with Quill JS at first but then everything is working as expected. I may release this website in September as all the educational institutions will remain closed until August 30.

New Project

We finished the authentication API for our new project and I should admit it's a pain to implement authentication for mobile apps. Luckily, Laravel framework has made it easy with the first-party package to work with Tokens. We are building two apps for this project with the same API backed. We are expecting a minimum viable product by the end of August. We all are excited to build this.


My weight is coming down and I am following the strict diet plan and exercise. More weight to shed in the coming days.