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  • Fear is one of the most dangerous things. Don't underestimate it.
  • Believe in some supernatural Power that is beyond you. You cannot derive a reason or a case for everything that happens to you or around you.
  • The rationality that rules out supernatural is not capable of psychological healing.
  • There will be times where all you can do is just watch things happen.
  • Take responsibility seriously.
  • Suffering lurks behind love.
  • Love is also capable of destroying you the most.
  • Too much of anything and too little of anything is bad. Swing like a sin wave.
  • You are only in control of your conscious imagination, conscious thought and conscious action.
  • You must have close people in your life to share what is in your head. Sometimes, that's the only option you will have.
  • Stress is the next dangerous thing to fear. Even mental stress can have physical symptoms and can keep you in a loop forever if you do not act.
  • Too much empathy will only make you weak.
  • Actions without philosophical grounding soon become irrelevant.
  • Accepting reality is the hardest thing.