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Two days ago I was backing up all the photos and videos to Google Photos and then I came across a folder I thought I lost. That's my Araku trip with my friend Harish. Araku isn't nothing new but we got something different this time. Here is the story.

Harish is from Guntur and did not visit Araku. I have been to Araku for almost like 15 times until then. We decided to have a visit and planned as one day trip. The train journey is what makes the trip more exciting.

There is only one train available for public, that is Kirandol passenger. It starts every day at 7AM. It does not have any AC coaches, few reservations coaches which will always be booked 3 moths prior. So, we had to make the journey in General coaches.

We had to rush while the train coming onto the platform to grab a window seat on the right-hand side to have a better views along the jouney. We neither got a window seat nor a seat. We stood the whole journey. Since it isn't new to me, I guess, Harish might have enjoyed it.

The plan was to visit borra caves first and then head to Araku, visit the meausuem there and catch the return train in Araku. The return train is at 4 PM at araku. Our schedule was tight but we thought we could make it.

We dropped off at borra caves. We visited it and came back. It was 12. We decided to had lunch there and then take a car for Araku. We went into a hotel and the people started serving every thing. There were almost 4 varieties but we asked them only one, potato fry. We asked for it many times until we got a 'are you people going to eat the entire curry' stare from the server.

After the lunch, we were full and it was already 2.00 PM. We started to rethink our plan. If we take a car to araku, it would take roughly one and half hours. We thought, even we go to Araku, we had to hurry up to see the museum and return to station to catch the return train. Bus journey is a bit risky after evening. So we thought, it would be best to stay in Borra and take some photos until we run out of the batteries and then retun in the train.