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New Blog

I have migrated this blog from Express to Gridsome. At the same time, I have redesigned Coder Bootcamp. I have removed the Bootstrap framework and wrote vanilla CSS.


I am working with React Native to build an app for the clients of Craypolar. I made authentication screens and building the API. At the time of this writing, I was stuck at designing the database to cope for future updates. I think I can finish the functionalities by next month.


I have released the beta version of Crext for initial feedback. Of course, I did not get decent feedback because the people I shared the link with are not the target users of the website. Yet, it gave a chance for me to streamline the user flow. I am now testing the new changes.


I did not work for four days straight because of the strain on my eyes. Usually, I take breaks but for some reasons, I did not take during the lockdown days. I again decided not to work for long hours straight.

Jordan Peterson

I am listening to Jordan Peterson podcast a lot. Every episode is opening up a new perspective for me and making me think a lot. I decided to read his two books starting with the Maps of meaning.


I am really liking Spotify app for music and podcast. The feature that I like the most is automatic on repeat and repeat rewind playlists. I listen to Jordan Peterson podcast here. I also like the design of the app. No too much clutter and the ads do not stay on the screen as other apps do. I highly recommend.

Corona Virus

The world is still fighting with the virus. Some countries are getting back to normal but Indian as a whole and Andhra Pradesh is seeing an increase in the number of cases.