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I am now at 95 kilograms. That's very close to 100 and it's really dangerous. This is the first time I reached this mark and I watched it happen. In one of the monthly updates I wrote about my exercising schedule during the Covid-19 lockdown - I walked only for a week in two months.

I am taking actions and exercising for two weeks now and keeping my diet in check. Breakfast, coffee or tea in the brunch, lunch, coffee or tea in the evening and dinner. I am keeping the quantities in check. No more extra stuffing when I wanted.

So, what is this 80kgs goal and rebranding?

We have plans to rebrand our first product Craypolar in the coming months. I am actively changing the codebase to reflect the new path and my brother is working on taking the new product into people. Everything is going as planned and the rebranding is due for September.

But I want to attach product goal with my weight goal.

I previously tried shedding my weight. I succeeded to some extent but did not hit my 80kgs mark in 7 years. That is a long time. I want to attach my weight to one of the important milestones of our business. The reason why I want to attach these two is to be more serious about my health and stay motivated for a long time.

If I don't hit the mark, our business will still run but not optimally.

The pandemic has hit the fitness industry badly. One of the reasons we are changing our business direction is to be relevant when gyms start their businesses. It will not be like before. A lot will change in how they execute the business and we are trying to be a part of it. I will post the status of my fitness routines in my coming posts.