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This is the first project I have been working on for two years and making revenue out of it. I spent most of this year on this project alone. I made a big code refactoring to the entire internal architecture of the application to better reflect the business needs of the gyms. The refactor taught me the lesson, “understand your users and their needs and how they do their businesses.” Apart from code, I made two major UI changes to give fluent interaction experience. The goal of the refactors is to help future additions to the website.


This is a career platform and I have divided the entire project idea into four phases. I almost have coded the first phase but did not deploy it. I carefully crafted this application keeping in mind the lessons I have learnt from building Craypolar. I guess there will be four weeks of work to finish the first phase and release the beta version.

Public Opinion

This is a social platform I built for a client. I liked the concept of this project and finished a viable product. The beta version is yet to release.

Inside RT

I decided to change my blog from WordPress to custom-built while trying new technologies. I have made an entire blog post about it.

Coder Bootcamp

I always wanted to help and share my knowledge with others. Previously I did it for free but almost no one has taken it seriously. I felt like I was wasting my time and energy for no reason. But this time I have taken a different approach to teach. I started Coder Bootcamp to teach all that I know about building products and coding. The first batch is going and I will have clarity once the batch is out and I have feedback. I want to continue the Bootcamp for the next year and have some plans for it. Should see how this would turn out.My coding activity for this year(The blue squares indicates the dates I made code commits.):Imgur## Technology StackLaravel, MySQL - These have been my default stack for all of my projects.Gridsome - Static site generator based on Vue to build the website for Coder Bootcamp. Express, MongoDB - This is the stack of my blog.Heroku - My blog is deployed using Heroku. Using the free dynos for now.Vultr - Using shared VPS to host craypolar.


I purchased many books this year, started reading but did not finish any of them except “Never split the difference.” A remarkable book I recommend for everyone. I wish I had read this book earlier. ## BusinessWe(me and my brother) have learnt a lot of business lessons. When we were marketing for craypolar, it was in June we completely understood what market search is. We changed our product to best suit the needs of the market. We are still learning and there are many lessons to learn.## GymEven though I have have taken a one-year subscription I could not go to the gym for three months straight because of travelling to home frequently. I wish there will be no big breaks in the coming year and my goal is also set what to achieve in the gym. Staying fit is very important and should be the first priority in everyone's life.

Moving forward

Until the end of this year, my goals are unclear. But now I think I figured out what to do for the rest of my life. The goals are clear. All I need to do is set milestones, achieve them, learn from the mistakes, go into the future with new energy, ideas, progress and work.